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Remember, Remember 11 September

To paraphrase a line from one of my favorite movies V for Vendetta, “Remember, remember the *11th of September*, the gunpowder treason and plot. Remember, remember the *11th of September*, I see no reason that the 11th of September should ever, ever be forgot”. I know, corny and a bit cut and pasted but after that movies release I’d always … Continue reading

Road to Rememberance

This morning my high-speed and equally motivated Commander and First Sergeant saw fit to drag me and the rest of my co-workers out of bed at around 4AM in order for us to participate in what’s normally called a “fun run”. I’ll admit, I was pissed as shit when I got the word that today … Continue reading

New Video! “We Are Trayvon”, Plies

Plies dropped a video to accompany his tribute song “We Are Trayvon”. It’s sort of ironic this video debuts today. If you weren’t already aware, today George Zimmerman was finally arrested and charged with second-degree murder. I couldn’t have been happier when I saw that headline! Justice will now be served and perhapse Trayvon’s family and friends … Continue reading

A Fresh Perspective on Trayvon Martin

It’s so refreshing when rappers have real world perspectives on current events. Seeing videos and interviews like this one often remind my why I love hip-hop. It’s not just the music; the artists behind the music are sometimes some pretty interesting people that we can learn a lot from. Tupac, Nas and Lupe Fiasco (despite … Continue reading

New music from Plies! “We Are Trayvon”

Despite my generally discerning taste when it comes to hip-hop, I love Plies. I guess his music is my dose of ignorant hood rap, lol. I truly thought “Runnin’ My Mama Crazy” (I love that song) would be his only track not about hoes, sex and the streets. This new track however, “We Are Trayvon” … Continue reading

Justice For Trayvon Martin

The more I learn about the murder of Trayvon Martin the more this tragedy really upsets me. I’m not dumb. I know full well that racism still exists and I understand that there are some ignorant people in the world who still find skin color to be a reason to treat people differently, but I … Continue reading

In Remembrance Of The Norotious B.I.G

Sorry I’ve been away for so long. I’ve been super busy with work, school, Army school and prepping to pack up and move out (more about that in a separate post). This morning I was reminded that on this day in 1997 one of the greatest rappers hip-hop has ever know was taken away from … Continue reading

Twista Pays Tribute to Whitney Houston

I still can’t believe Whitney Houston is gone. Her death actually came to me as more of a surprise than when Michael Jackson passed away. Whitney was a true talent and one of the greatest singers to grace a microphone. My heart and condolences truly go out to her family, mainly her daughter. I can … Continue reading