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My Granny Loves Tattoos

Some eCards.com┬áhas created quite the reputation for themselves. Their online greeting cards cover a wide range of topics from humorous birthday, anniversary and graduation cards to more random “I don’t like you and here’s why” type cards that although funny, posses a dry sense of humor and sarcasm all around. Since these cards are so … Continue reading

Awesome Parents Being Awesome

I saw this article today and it really touched my heart. Little Jacob is a type 1 Diabetic which is mildly uncommon in his part of the world (Quebec) and started to feel like an odd-ball because he had to wear an insulin pump. Rather than complaining, Jacob took it like a trooper and was … Continue reading

Panty Ink

Okay, I know that tattoos aren’t for everyone but I don’t appreciate it when people make a mockery of the art. I was really cheesed off a couple of years ago when people started wearing those silly tattoo sleeves. I don’t know, temporary tattoos are okay and I think henna tattoos are pretty damn awesome … Continue reading