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Toddler Bribes NFL Player with $3.36

This is one of the cutest stories ever! As if I don’t say that with just about every news story I post with children involved. I really mean it this time! This story takes the cake; for real. You’ll see. After adopting the NY Giants as his favorite team, 6-year-old Joseph¬†Armento was heartbroken to learn … Continue reading

Rare Basketball Card Sold for Thousands

First of all, who still collects Basketball/Baseball cards? Apparently this guy; one “lucky” buyer shelled out a whopping $38,000 for a rare Blake Griffin Basketball card on eBay. Now, although the card is rare that mind numbing price even had card captor experts perplexed. The card was signed and I know that has to count … Continue reading

Everybody Hates Kris

According to a public survey posted on Forbes.com, Kris Humphies is the NBA’s most hated player. Ok, I don’t know a whole¬†lot about Basketball but I do know that Kris Humphies was a nobody until his wed to and untimely separation from self-made-somewhat-celeb Kim Kardashian. Kris Humphries has got to be the epitome of a … Continue reading