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Crime and a Camera

Crime and a Camera

While scanning my usual social media sites I stumbled upon this image (which turned out to be a photo series rather than a single collage of images as presented below) and thought it was too captivating not to share with the rest of the bloggersphere. Erik Ravelo, a Cuban artist who delves in sculpting, painting … Continue reading


Guess who’s bizzack? Me! 🙂 Once again, sorry I’ve been away for so long but I’m back full swing and here to stay. I’ve adjusted to life on The Island, gotten used to doing things the signal way and hung up my infantry mentality and more importantly, have had time to explore, sight-see and have some … Continue reading

A Fresh Perspective on Trayvon Martin

It’s so refreshing when rappers have real world perspectives on current events. Seeing videos and interviews like this one often remind my why I love hip-hop. It’s not just the music; the artists behind the music are sometimes some pretty interesting people that we can learn a lot from. Tupac, Nas and Lupe Fiasco (despite … Continue reading