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Nike Field Dunks

Normally I’m not too amped about a pair of kicks that are a bit less than aesthitically pleasing but for the sake of my health and welfare I’m willing to make an exception. Why a support (not infantry) brigade insists on doing super-hooah PT (physical training) like┬árunning up and down mountains that have no marked … Continue reading

Good Night Nike

In awesome yet horrible sneaker news, Nike has decided to put an end to midnight sneaker mobs and shootings over kicks (as much as they can anyway) by nixing midnight shoe releases. Damn. I know some of you die-hard sneaker heads are hurting but others might be happy. I don’t know about you guys, but … Continue reading

Nike+ Fuel Band

Nike once again is raising the bar for athleticism. This new Fuel Band will give athletes of all types (NBA stars to average Joe’s who just like to hoop) a way to gage their progress and continue to challenge themselves. With easy-to-read traffic light style colors, the wearer can moniter his/her energy levels during activity, … Continue reading