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Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, Review

Soo, yea… is this what you’ve kept us waiting over a year for Nicki, really? I know there are a few would be hip-hop lovers that say everyone is allowed one bad CD but that’s bullshit, much like this album. If I want to her techno and weird shit I listen to Lady Gaga, not … Continue reading

New Music! “Young Forever”, Nicki Minaj

Seems like Nicki is doing a lot more singing these days; is Roman on vacation perhapse? lol. All jokes aside, Nicki Minaj has a new song entitled “Young Forever”. This song is really girly and super catchy; I love it! Here’s “Young Forever” for your listening pleasure! Nicki Minaj – Young Forever.mp3 – 7.2 MB

“Stupid Hoe” Offical Video

Young Money’s first lady debuted the video for her semi-new song “Stupid Hoe”. Of course, this video looks like Ms. Minaj took a trip to Candy Land or some mythical Barbie world and never came back, but it’s Still fun to watch! 🙂 Here’s the video below for your viewing pleasure!

New Nicki Minaj, “Stupid Hoe”

The world’s biggest Barbie is back with “Stupid Hoe”. Some title, huh? The first lady of Young Money is damn good, but one must wonder if she took a little trip down the rabbit hole and never came back. Her lyrics are always dope, but sometime she’s way off in left field. “Roman in Russia” … Continue reading