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New Music! “Bye Baby”, Nas

With exactly one week to wait Nas has released yet another track from his album Life Is Good entitled “Bye Baby”. This track sends a unique and heartfelt message to his ex-wife of four years Kelis. It’s not too often you hear a person say anything positive about their ex after a nasty divorce and it’s even rarer … Continue reading

New Video! “Daughters”, Nas

Nas released a video to accompany his latest track “Daughters”, and what a precious video it is indeed! Nas and his daughter Destiny came together to make a pretty adorable yet very personable video. The video for “Daughters” didn’t paint a “daddy/daughter” relationship to be a bed of roses and fell in line perfectly with the … Continue reading

New Music! “Daughters”, Nas

Nas drops another single from his upcoming album, Life Is Good. On this new track, “Daughters”, Nas raps about every fathers worst nightmare: his little girl winding up with some guy that he deems is not good enough for her. By coming to grips with his own past and embracing the old saying about throwing stones … Continue reading

New Music! “Another Black Girl Lost”, Nas

I know I say this about every other rapper I post something about, but I love Nas! He’s so intellectual, so thought-provoking, so interesting! Sometimes he goes a bit overboard with his “back to Africa” plans and in some cases rattles my brain with his over-the-top black empowerment lyrics, but I still love him! How … Continue reading