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American Sweetheart

American Sweetheart

Isn’t it amazing how the tiniest thing can brighten your day? At this point, its no secret that I’m a Soldier; a proud one at that. Although I love my job (usually) it has begun to take its toll over the years. To date, I still don’t think I’d trade my profession for any other, … Continue reading

Man (or Woman) Behind the Uniform

Man (or Woman) Behind the Uniform

Today while visiting the salon, my belief that “you don’t look like a Soldier!” is the best compliment a woman in my field can receive! Heaven knows I love my job and am extremely proud of the uniform I wear but the military does have a way of stripping you of a large part of … Continue reading

Raider Run

Raider Run

So, Veteran’s Day has just passed and Thanksgiving is less than a week away (YAY!) so I gotta ask: have you thanked a Soldier lately? Yes, I know that some of you may not be supports of war (neither am I to be quite honest with you) but that still shouldn’t deter you from showing … Continue reading

Remember, Remember 11 September

To paraphrase a line from one of my favorite movies V for Vendetta, “Remember, remember the *11th of September*, the gunpowder treason and plot. Remember, remember the *11th of September*, I see no reason that the 11th of September should ever, ever be forgot”. I know, corny and a bit cut and pasted but after that movies release I’d always … Continue reading

Road to Rememberance

This morning my high-speed and equally motivated Commander and First Sergeant saw fit to drag me and the rest of my co-workers out of bed at around 4AM in order for us to participate in what’s normally called a “fun run”. I’ll admit, I was pissed as shit when I got the word that today … Continue reading

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day everyone! On this great day it is common for people to spend time with family, enjoy a nice summer day off, have a barbecue and pack up the blankets to enjoy a nice evening of fireworks. What a way to spend such an awesome holiday! I really mean that; no sarcasm today. … Continue reading

Happy Flag Day!

Happy Flag Day everyone! Prior to enlisting and actually learning more about the Army, I was one of those people who thought Flag Day was yet another unimportant holiday that greeting card companies used to milk the consumers of their money. As I usually was with such presumptuous assessments, I was wrong. Flag Day is … Continue reading

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Today is one of the days that America set aside to take a moment to honor our country’s outstanding men and women who bravely serve and protect this nation. More specifically though, this day was set aside for us to honor and pay tribute to those who served with honor, dignity, … Continue reading

Uncle Sam Turns to Robots

Don’t you just love seeing your hard-earned tax dollars at work? Well, I sure love reaping the benefits! lol. Seriously though, sometimes I do sympathize with the civilian public and can agree that the funds we spend in the military can be a little pointless but sometimes we end up with some pretty cool shit! … Continue reading