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Foxy Blox

Foxy Blox

You all know I’m a huge Lego fan so this random bit of impractical, adult humor was pretty irresistible. Ever wonder what the good folks of the Lego world do when they’re not busy at work in their make-believe realm? Like their human counterparts, Lego firefighters and police officers have to unwind at the end … Continue reading

The Legend of Lego

Two days ago on 12 August 2012 the Lego corperation celebrated it’s eightieth birthday! I don’t know why but before seeing that headline spread all over the internet I imagined that Legos had been around for much longer than that; probably because I remember my parents telling me about how they played with Legos growing … Continue reading

Lego Inception

Once again on a stroll through cyberspace I discovered another awesome Lego video. Yay! A team of British students brought Lego awesomeness and modern technology together to create a condensed version of the hit film Inception. I really think this has been the best Lego film yet. These crafty college kids used CGI as well as some … Continue reading

Art By Brick

To continue their Off Book series the creative minds over at PBS compiled this short film to show what really goes on in the mind of the Lego Artists (or Lego Engineers, depending on the structure). I find it totally amazing that these guys can seriously make damn near anything using those tiny blocks that … Continue reading

The Dark Knight Rises in Lego

I don’t know why but ever since I saw the big Lego exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum a few years ago I’ve started to think Legos were sort of cool. I’m not very handy nor did I ever play with them growing up but after seeing all those cool buildings and that cute dragon created with … Continue reading

Lego Marriage Proposal

This has to be the cutest marriage proposal ever! Atlanta-based filmmaker Walt Thompson spent twenty-two hours creating this love filled little film to propose to his girlfriend of four years, Nealy. The mini film starts off with the couple meeting; later a wedding complete with Lego Storm Troopers (totally awesome!) and ends with the couple growing … Continue reading