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Greedy Jeanious 2.0

Greedy Jeanious 2.0

Hello world! ūüôā At this point I feel as though an apology would be beyond pointless. An absentee blogger is bad enough but to add insult to injury by offering an “apology” after being MIA¬†for nearly a year is just rude so, lets just skip past that part and call it even.. okay? Thanks for … Continue reading

Karmaloop TV Gets A New Look

Once again,¬†Karmaloop pushes the envelope with out-stepping the competition when it comes to urban upscale fashion and media interfacing. With the flyest skateboarder around (Pharrell Williams of course!) acting as the Creative Director, Karmaloop TV has been completely redone to offer a fresh face for new members of the rep team, fly boys and girls … Continue reading

Sophisticated Sneaker

Well aren’t these just precious! A bit of diversity and a fresh take on the heel meets sneaker trend. I love it! These are perfect for girls like me or any girl who loves the look of heels, but still would prefer to scurry the streets in a comfy pair of gym shoes. Be&D continues … Continue reading

Calling All Models!

Once again, Karmaloop has turned to their highly motivated and equally fly team of reps (like me!) to help spread the word about what’s going on-on the cyber front. How I love my hustle! Anyway, the¬†Boston-based fashion retailer extraordinaire¬†is on the hunt for new models! If taking pictures and staying on top of urban fashion … Continue reading

Karmaloop Goes International

The best online store ever (Karmaloop) has continued to raise the bar for online fashion retailing. The Boston-based cyber store has teamed up with Chinese retailer Xiu.com to offer upscale urban fashions to our oriental brethren. Karmaloop has been shipping overseas for quite some time and is always expanding and adding new designers to their … Continue reading