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Straight to the Banksy

After the destruction of one of his famous works of art in Australia, it seems like famed artist Banksy has been keeping himself busy with a few new projects. Recently, he debuted a series of moderately conventional paintings as well as by sticking true to his “the world is my canvas” attitude with a few … Continue reading

Picture Perfect Proposal

As you all know, I love my hometown and will always post anything that happens back home to help you all see the beauty, awesomeness and flyness that makes Detroit the best city on earth! Last month, Tizzie Onderko was made one of the happiest women on earth when her loving boyfriend (now fiance) asked … Continue reading

Sweeping Beauty

Calligraphic graffiti artist Niels Shoe Meulman strikes again with his newest water-based creation, “Sweeping Beauty II”. Meulman is an Amsterdam based “artist” best known for his creative works of graffiti/calligraphy which can be found nearly the world over. Rather than using spray paint like other graffiti artists, this clever Dutchman uses water to make his … Continue reading