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Arms of Iron Man

Finally! A cool story that involves my second favorite comic book hero. Well, kinda. Although Tony Stark is nowhere near as mysterious as Bruce Wayne and despite the fact that the Bat-suit is infinitely cooler than the bulky suit Iron Man lugs around, I still think he’s cool! I don’t know. There’s something about the … Continue reading

The Joker 2.0

In the wake of Dark Knight Rises Hot Toys has created another “toy” in the likeness of one of the best animated characters ever. Hot Toys did an amazing job capturing the detail and madness behind Heath Ledgers’ iconic character portrayal of Gotham’s madman The Joker. This scale version of Ledgers’ Joker comes with two different … Continue reading

iPlay Guitar

In case I haven’t expressed this random bit of pointless info yet, I somewhat recently switched to an iPhone from an Android. No, I didn’t switch for a faster phone, better service, reception or any other sensible reason; I noticed all of the cool shit that was designed exclusively for the iPhone and couldn’t live … Continue reading

iPad Amp

Brooklyn-based designer Nonlinear Studio created this nifty little amp to help optimize your iPad using experience. The Aplifiear requires no batteries, has no cords and comes in four different colors. This amplifier “cup” simply latches on to your iPad and redirects the sound waves making things louder and clearer. This is a total must have for … Continue reading

A “Real” Angry Bird

Dude! I’m totally getting one of these things! I hate Angry Birds but this toy is fuckin’ awesome! I don’t know who came up with this but they should get an award; maybe an ARCOM (Army Commedation Medal) or something! Well, maybe not all of that but they should definitely get a pat on the back and … Continue reading

Google Glasses

Google strikes again with another fancy piece of technology to add to their product line. Google’s latest work of technological art, Project Glasses are in essence, reality glasses; no virtual here. These spectacles see everything you see (obviously), hear what you hear and damn near think for you. Project Glasses will provide another fancy yet … Continue reading

Uncle Sam Turns to Robots

Don’t you just love seeing your hard-earned tax dollars at work? Well, I sure love reaping the benefits! lol. Seriously though, sometimes I do sympathize with the civilian public and can agree that the funds we spend in the military can be a little pointless but sometimes we end up with some pretty cool shit! … Continue reading

Little Black Book for the 21st Century

With Valentine’s Day a meer 24-hours away I find it a perfect opportunity to assist my fav magazine (Complex) in throwing salt on the game of every player/pimp/man-whore out there. 🙂 Much love fellas but someone has to let the ladies out there know how sneaky you guys really are, lol. A very long time … Continue reading

Scale Batmobile

I know you guys are probably sick of me posting Batman shit but, I really don’t care. 🙂 Hot Toys created this scale Batmobile model that they claim to be the Batmobile from The Dark Knight. Although this replica would make Lucius Fox proud, I disagree. How can it be the Batmobile from The Dark … Continue reading

Nike+ Fuel Band

Nike once again is raising the bar for athleticism. This new Fuel Band will give athletes of all types (NBA stars to average Joe’s who just like to hoop) a way to gage their progress and continue to challenge themselves. With easy-to-read traffic light style colors, the wearer can moniter his/her energy levels during activity, … Continue reading