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Man v. Wild

Man v. Wild

It’s official! Chicago Bears Wide Receiver Devin Hester is the faster animal on earth! After beating the previous title holder, the Cheetah, in a foot race Hester earned his spot in the animal kingdom as the fastest, most agile of them all! In the wild, Cheetahs have been known to reach speeds of up to … Continue reading

Toddler Bribes NFL Player with $3.36

This is one of the cutest stories ever! As if I don’t say that with just about every news story I post with children involved. I really mean it this time! This story takes the cake; for real. You’ll see. After adopting the NY Giants as his favorite team, 6-year-old Joseph Armento was heartbroken to learn … Continue reading

Extra-Ordinary Tebow

I want to start off by saying I’m of no specific loyalty to Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow has certainly shaken the stands since his college years but I’m not sure if it’s for the better or worse. I know a gamut of people who love Tim Tebow and believe he’s the second coming of Joe Montana. Others … Continue reading