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White Castle Goes Healthy

White Castle Goes Healthy

With the big push to healthy and fit these days, its no surprise that the fast food world continues to follow suit. Being a fat kid at heart and a wannabe fit chick this pivotal change to White Castle’s fast food menu struck a cord with me so as unappetizing as it may be to me personally, not posting … Continue reading

Dias de los Muertos Eat the Street

For those of you that don’t know, I love food. Food is actually one of the things I miss most about home sweet home. I know that’s sad and probably grounds for judgement but I promise whenever I move I start off by looking for a favorite restaurant, a favorite fast food joint and avenues … Continue reading

Auto Bakery

It seems as though everyone is turning to an automated way of life and bidding farewell to actual employees. First there were ATMs, then came automated check out lanes at the grocery store (I love those), then Proactiv and Apple jumped on the bandwagon with ATM/vending machines to help get their products out to the … Continue reading