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American Sweetheart

American Sweetheart

Isn’t it amazing how the tiniest thing can brighten your day? At this point, its no secret that I’m a Soldier; a proud one at that. Although I love my job (usually) it has begun to take its toll over the years. To date, I still don’t think I’d trade my profession for any other, … Continue reading

Million Dollar Baby

Million Dollar Baby

Hi everyone! 🙂 Long time no hear from, I know. This time I wont bore you with an excuse for being an absentee blogger but I promise I’ll do better. For real this time. 🙂 Now that we’re past that lets move on to the topic at hand: KIDS! Not that it’ll surprise you at … Continue reading

Pug Sings the Blues Again

So yea, in the first Pug Sings the Blues I acknowledged that fact that some of you may find me posting a video of a singing Pug silly and borderline stupid. Either way, as also previously stated in said post, I don’t care. 🙂 Loca is back with two new tunes about her life as … Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day everyone! Father’s Day is one holiday that seems to bring along a fairly unhappy connotation. Over the years I’ve seen a number of blog posts, opinion based articles, Facebook status’ and tweets bashing shitty dads. Okay, I get it. Your dad wasn’t around; is that really cause to bash him publicly over … Continue reading

Pug Sings the Blues

I saw this video a couple of days ago and have been contemplating posting it since. I personally think it’s adorable but I can also equally see how someone watching could say “wtf is this shit?”. Thus the basis of my conflict; obviously though this cute Pug and her catchy song won. 🙂 Loca is … Continue reading

My Granny Loves Tattoos

Some eCards.com has created quite the reputation for themselves. Their online greeting cards cover a wide range of topics from humorous birthday, anniversary and graduation cards to more random “I don’t like you and here’s why” type cards that although funny, posses a dry sense of humor and sarcasm all around. Since these cards are so … Continue reading

Wreck-It-Ralph, trailer

The creative minds over at Disney Studies are putting together a new movie projected to hit theaters this holiday season. “Wreck-It-Ralph” is an animated film about the main character Ralph who has finally grown tired of his career as an 8-bit villain inside an arcade video game. Talk about a bleak existence. After Ralph’s mundane … Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mom’s out there! Now that I’m all grown up I can reflect on my childhood and can actually see how big of a job being a mom actually is. Anyone can have a kid and be a parent, but it takes something extra to be a dad and … Continue reading

Awesome Parents Being Awesome

I saw this article today and it really touched my heart. Little Jacob is a type 1 Diabetic which is mildly uncommon in his part of the world (Quebec) and started to feel like an odd-ball because he had to wear an insulin pump. Rather than complaining, Jacob took it like a trooper and was … Continue reading