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Holiday Lights

Holiday Lights

Who says you need a mountain of snow and a fat guy in a red suit to have Christmas? Despite the fact that I moved away from my family and snowy Detroit many moons ago, I’ve never had a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit. I’m over the whole commercial aspect of this blessed … Continue reading

Raider Run

Raider Run

So, Veteran’s Day has just passed and Thanksgiving is less than a week away (YAY!) so I gotta ask: have you thanked a Soldier lately? Yes, I know that some of you may not be supports of war (neither am I to be quite honest with you) but that still shouldn’t deter you from showing … Continue reading

Run Like A Princess Contest

After a bit of contemplation, I’ve decided to be a good sport and share this contest with you all. Remember a couple of months ago when I mentioned the Disney Princess Half Marathon? Well, the good folks over at Lady Foot Locker and Disney have teamed up to make this royal race a bit more … Continue reading

Dias de los Muertos Eat the Street

For those of you that don’t know, I love food. Food is actually one of the things I miss most about home sweet home. I know that’s sad and probably grounds for judgement but I promise whenever I move I start off by looking for a favorite restaurant, a favorite fast food joint and avenues … Continue reading

Road to Rememberance

This morning my high-speed and equally motivated Commander and First Sergeant saw fit to drag me and the rest of my co-workers out of bed at around 4AM in order for us to participate in what’s normally called a “fun run”. I’ll admit, I was pissed as shit when I got the word that today … Continue reading

Run With The Jeanious!

Let me start off by saying that I’m not a runner. At all. Period. In my time in the Army I’ve taken dozens of physical fitness tests and have run many miles in the hot sun and pouring Washington rain but never have I learned to enjoy a good, long run. Even stranger, despite the … Continue reading

I’m Taking My Talents…

Borrowing a line from the turn-coat of the Cavaliers, “I’m taking my talent down to South Beach!”. Well, not really but I am undergoing a few interesting changes! First things first, I’ve decided to share my jeanious with the lovely minds over at Fashion Nerrd; a pretty awesome online magazine. I’ll still be posting new … Continue reading

Snow White and The Huntsman Art Contest

Here’s a fun contest for those of you that are artistically inclined! Universal Studios is on the hunt for fan art based on the upcoming film, Snow White and The Huntsman. The rules are simple and the grand prize (although simple as well) is bound to bring along some good publicity. The art submission must be … Continue reading

Calling All Models!

Once again, Karmaloop has turned to their highly motivated and equally fly team of reps (like me!) to help spread the word about what’s going on-on the cyber front. How I love my hustle! Anyway, the Boston-based fashion retailer extraordinaire is on the hunt for new models! If taking pictures and staying on top of urban fashion … Continue reading

Fashion on the Go

Since Japan is one of the fashion capitals of the world it’s not shocking that Fashion Week isn’t the only time of year that’s dedicated to showing off new styles, trends and gear. For the past few of months, local Tokyo residents and fashion lovers have been participating in the Harajuku Fashion Walk. The walk … Continue reading