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Weed Wax

Weed Wax

I know I say this a lot but the drug game is getting crazy out here y’all. First there was spice, then bath salts, then krokodil now there’s weed wax. I swear I love science as much as the next nerd but how do they come up with this shit? Marijuana in the form of … Continue reading

Krokodil Rock

Krokodil Rock

In an attempt to take my mind off of the government shut down, the prospect of not getting paid and as I wait for something more profound to surface I’ve decided to chat with you today about one of my favorite topics: drugs! It may come as no surprise to many of you but the … Continue reading

Blue Magic

I know this is a bit inappropriate but I couldn’t help but post it! You know I’m big on having an imagination and making fun out of just about everything you can; and an even bigger advocate of people having fun with taboo topics such as recreational drugs so this bit of candy coated fun … Continue reading

Drugs In A Can

Wouldn’t it be a sweet day in medical advances when you can stop by a vending machine to get a refill on your prescriptions? I mean think about it; what if physicians handed out cards that carried your authorized prescriptions and you simply swipe it in a machine and you get what you need. No … Continue reading

Illicit Drugs Made Adorable

“The ABC’s of Drug Slang” is definatley up there with one of the most creative art projects I’ve seen. School of Visual Arts student Melanie Chernok created a very clever booklet based on the slang names for common street drugs and added in cartoon characters to bring these terms to life. Although there are toys … Continue reading

Powerful New Drug Has Experts Worried

While reading through the Huffington Post I stumbled upon this really interesting article about a new drug set to hit the prescription market soon (a year from now is soon in the realm of medical advances). I’m sure all of you are familiar with OxyContin, but now physicians are looking to put its raw form,¬†Hydrocodone … Continue reading