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Scary Kids Scaring Kids.

Scary Kids Scaring Kids.

Has anyone else noticed how totally creepy Lana Del Rey is? Lets be real. The girl can sing like nobodies business but she’s pretty eerie. Her would-be melodic voice is generally overturned by her somber tone and cryptically creepy lyrics. She’s like the Amy Lee (lead singer of rock band Evanescence) of R&B and pop. … Continue reading

New Music! Agápē Mixtape, Jojo

Jojo has decided to come out of hibernation to grace the ears of her fans with a new mixtape entitled “Agápē”. I’m not sure why Jojo choses to take these long breaks between songs here and there, but her mixtapes never disappoint and are worth the wait. Her voice is just as lovely as ever … Continue reading

New Music! “Diamonds”, Rihanna

In preparation for her seventh studio album Rihanna has released a new single entitled “Diamonds”. This new track features a techno style beat with a bit of orchestra similar to the beat she used for “We Found Love”. The only major difference that is unlike that preppy track, Ms. Fenty’s lovely voice and lyrics are … Continue reading

New Music! “Lamborghini Angels”, Lupe Fiasco

After tweeting about it for over a month Lupe Fiasco released his newest single from Food and Liquor 2 entitled “Lamborghini Angels”. Yesterday before releasing the track Lupe tweeted a very interesting warning which can be seen below. Don’t let the interesting title and the fact that Lupe felt the need to forewarn people before listening scare you … Continue reading

New Video! “Swag Champ”, Fabolous

Fabolous has released a pretty funny video to accompany “Swag Champ” from his latest mixtape There Is No Competition 3. In this video we find the champ Fab training to defend his title with the help of his trainer Nigel. Unlike most boxers, Fab wont be found scuffing his kicks on a dirty boxing ring floor … Continue reading