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Scary Kids Scaring Kids.

Scary Kids Scaring Kids.

Has anyone else noticed how totally creepy Lana Del Rey is? Lets be real. The girl can sing like nobodies business but she’s pretty eerie. Her would-be melodic voice is generally overturned by her somber tone and cryptically creepy lyrics. She’s like the Amy Lee (lead singer of rock band Evanescence) of R&B and pop. … Continue reading

Run Like A Princess Contest

After a bit of contemplation, I’ve decided to be a good sport and share this contest with you all. Remember a couple of months ago when I mentioned the Disney Princess Half Marathon? Well, the good folks over at Lady Foot Locker and Disney have teamed up to make this royal race a bit more … Continue reading

Run With The Jeanious!

Let me start off by saying that I’m not a runner. At all. Period. In my time in the Army I’ve taken dozens of physical fitness tests and have run many miles in the hot sun and pouring Washington rain but never have I learned to enjoy a good, long run. Even stranger, despite the … Continue reading

A Pair of Kicks Fit For a Princess

To commemorate the diamond release of the Disney classic Cinderella, Christian Louboutin put his signature red bottom spin on the Princess’ hum-drum glass slippers. It goes without saying that Louboutin seriosuly took those classicly iconic glass slippers Cinderella received from her Fairy God Mother and gave them a whole new look. A classic red bottom adorned … Continue reading

Wreck-It-Ralph, trailer

The creative minds over at Disney Studies are putting together a new movie projected to hit theaters this holiday season. “Wreck-It-Ralph” is an animated film about the main character Ralph who has finally grown tired of his career as an 8-bit villain inside an arcade video game. Talk about a bleak existence. After Ralph’s mundane … Continue reading