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New Movie! Kick Ass 2 Trailer

New Movie! Kick Ass 2 Trailer

This is gonna be a great summer for hero movies! We’ve got Iron Man 3 on the way, Man of Steel and now Kick Ass 2! I know that last one doesn’t fall in line with the other two but you’ve got to give Kick Ass and his band of well meaning miscreants credit. From … Continue reading

Arms of Iron Man

Finally! A cool story that involves my second favorite comic book hero. Well, kinda. Although Tony Stark is nowhere near as mysterious as Bruce Wayne and despite the fact that the Bat-suit is infinitely cooler than the bulky suit Iron Man lugs around, I still think he’s cool! I don’t know. There’s something about the … Continue reading

L’il Gotham

Meanwhile, in the world of comics we find our hero facing a new foe: chibi-style animations with a fun plot! Can we say awesome? Corny comic book talk aside, there is something pretty interesting afoot in the world of digital comics. Needless to say, Batman is involved! Yay! Author and illustrator Dustin Nguyen has taken … Continue reading

Robo-DC Comics

Before I begin, I’d like to state that I know this is flat-out silly and might not grab everyone’sĀ attention but I thought it was awesome and couldn’t help but post it! If you’ve been living under a rock and have never watched Robot Chicken, you’re wrong. If you had a crappy day at work, school … Continue reading


Guess who’s bizzack? Me! šŸ™‚ Once again, sorry I’ve been away for so long but I’m back full swing and here to stay. I’ve adjusted to life on The Island, gotten used to doing things the signal way and hung up my infantry mentality and more importantly, have had time to explore, sight-seeĀ and have some … Continue reading

The Gym

Half of the fun in going to the gym is looking around at all the other gym rats and those who are there “just because”. First you have the weight room. This room is full of guys who have huge biceps but tiny legs. I always think that their legs are going to snap due … Continue reading

“Sex Is No Accident” pt, 2. MTV

MTV continues to blaze the safe sex campaign trail with a continuation of their “Sex Is No Accident” series. Once again we find people living their lives and wind up in sexually precarious situations. The comic below is a tad more out there than the commercials I posted a while ago; but at the same … Continue reading

The Anti-Seuss

Take a look at this! Your favorite childhood Dr. Seuss stories turned into socialist reading material, what could be more mildly insulting yet thought-provoking!? It’s easy to poke fun at the pimps, bums and junkies on Sesame Street but I never took Dr. Seuss stories to be much more than what they were; stories about … Continue reading

Condoms For Sale

I stumbled upon this comic and found it to be pretty damn funny; if only all things could be marketed in such an uncanny yet effective manor, lol. Despite the obvious pun shown here, remember everyone, safe sex is very important! Okay, that was my PSA for the week. Here’s the comic below.

A Bat In The Hat

Once again my fondness for Batman has reared its not-so-ugly head, :-).Ā Australian illustrator DrFraustus drew a series of Batman/Dr. Seuss mashups that show Batman, Cat Woman, The Riddler, Two Face and the greatest villan of all time (The Joker) as Dr. Seuss characters. These pictures are totally unique; I love them! In these pictures DrFraustus … Continue reading