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Laugh in the Face of Racism

Laugh in the Face of Racism

Sometimes in this life we must laugh to keep from crying. Unfortunately, when faced with things like racism that results in a loss of a young person’s life at the hands of a cop, its nearly impossible to do so. However, there are some that can use their knack for humor to shine a much … Continue reading

Learn To Take A Joke

I know this is vulgar, inappropriate and probably pretty offensive to some people out there but I thought it was pretty funny, lol. On some somewhat random stuff, have you ever really stopped to think about the true essence of comedy? When someone makes a joke more often than not the joke is not based … Continue reading

Merry Christmas! Parody Video

First things first, this video is a parody so don’t get upset when you realize your favorite rappers aren’t really┬áin the video. The guys and girls over at 2-cent.com put this holiday parody together “staring” some of today’s most popular artists like Kan’Ye West, Rick Ross, Rihanna, her bad romance Chris Brown and many more. … Continue reading

What does your “package” say about you?

Funny, I write one post about safe sex and stumble upon these cool condoms! California based artist Max Wright came up with this nifty project called “new condoms”. Wright took common slogans from our favorite name brands and applied them to condoms to shed a whole new light on contraception. Take a look at the … Continue reading

“Sex Is No Accident”, MTV

MTV decided to put together their own ad campaign for safe sex and these awesome twenty second commercials are what they came up with. All three capers start off with people living their lives and enjoying recreational tasks such as jet skiing and parasailing and somehow, end up having sex with some a random person. … Continue reading

Snow Baby

This comic is awesome! A little something to get you into the Christmas spirit if you’re not already, ­čÖé

Naughty Parents, Worse Kids

This video is hilarious! Apparently┬áJimmy Kimmel suggested that parents play a prank on their kids and give them a sucky gift for Christmas and record their reactions. These kids are flipping out! I know Christmas has gone commercial but is it really the end of the world if you get one bad gift? Well, I … Continue reading