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Bat Dad

Bat Dad

You all know I love all things Batman and get a pretty good giggle out of random people out of impersonating him (as if he were a real guy to begin with but, I digress). In knowing that, I wouldn’t feel like real Batman fan if I didn’t bog your mind down with a two minute … Continue reading

L’il Gotham

Meanwhile, in the world of comics we find our hero facing a new foe: chibi-style animations with a fun plot! Can we say awesome? Corny comic book talk aside, there is something pretty interesting afoot in the world of digital comics. Needless to say, Batman is involved! Yay! Author and illustrator Dustin Nguyen has taken … Continue reading

Robo-DC Comics

Before I begin, I’d like to state that I know this is flat-out silly and might not grab everyone’s attention but I thought it was awesome and couldn’t help but post it! If you’ve been living under a rock and have never watched Robot Chicken, you’re wrong. If you had a crappy day at work, school … Continue reading

Fall of The Dark Knight

With the help of some pretty fancy action figures (big ups to Hot Toys) Hong Kong based directors Derek Kwok and Henri Wong created this action-packed stop-motion film entitled “Dark Knightfall”. As the title suggests, this film depicts the downfall of Gotham’s hero (as if that were ever possible) while offering a very unique surprise at … Continue reading


Guess who’s bizzack? Me! 🙂 Once again, sorry I’ve been away for so long but I’m back full swing and here to stay. I’ve adjusted to life on The Island, gotten used to doing things the signal way and hung up my infantry mentality and more importantly, have had time to explore, sight-see and have some … Continue reading

The Joker 2.0

In the wake of Dark Knight Rises Hot Toys has created another “toy” in the likeness of one of the best animated characters ever. Hot Toys did an amazing job capturing the detail and madness behind Heath Ledgers’ iconic character portrayal of Gotham’s madman The Joker. This scale version of Ledgers’ Joker comes with two different … Continue reading

The Dark Knight Rises in Lego

I don’t know why but ever since I saw the big Lego exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum a few years ago I’ve started to think Legos were sort of cool. I’m not very handy nor did I ever play with them growing up but after seeing all those cool buildings and that cute dragon created with … Continue reading

A Real Life Batman

I know I say this quite a bit, but I’m serious this time; this has got to be one of the coolest stories ever! A real life Dark Knight roaming the streets and doing good! Armed with a Lamborghini, his utility belt and a bag full of toys my favorite hero can be found running … Continue reading

Scale Batmobile

I know you guys are probably sick of me posting Batman shit but, I really don’t care. 🙂 Hot Toys created this scale Batmobile model that they claim to be the Batmobile from The Dark Knight. Although this replica would make Lucius Fox proud, I disagree. How can it be the Batmobile from The Dark … Continue reading

A Bat In The Hat

Once again my fondness for Batman has reared its not-so-ugly head, :-). Australian illustrator DrFraustus drew a series of Batman/Dr. Seuss mashups that show Batman, Cat Woman, The Riddler, Two Face and the greatest villan of all time (The Joker) as Dr. Seuss characters. These pictures are totally unique; I love them! In these pictures DrFraustus … Continue reading