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Three Kings

Three Kings

Just as we’ve made it halfway through Basketball season (thank God) I stumbled upon this infographic showcasing the stats of three of the leagues biggest all-time players: The great Michael Jordan, King James and Kobe. Out of these three greats LeBron is my personal favorite but being the kind of girl who is more concerned … Continue reading

Basketball Reality Check

Here’s not something you see everyday! A world class athlete slumming it by playing street ball with a few guys who think they can hoop! I love it! I think that it is important to have confidence in everything you do, but you guys, yes you guys, literally, often take that shit to a whole … Continue reading

Elite Sneakers

With the NBA playoffs tipping off in less than 24-hours, Nike has modified three of their most popular basketball shoes to give those battling for the top spot on the court a more competitive edge. The Elite Series Gold Pack features the Lebron 9 PS, Kobe VII and Hyperdunks with a series of seemingly modest … Continue reading

Fifth Grader Gets Busted for “Gambling”

Ever since the start of March Madness it so seems that all NCAA Basketball fans have been going ape-shit about their brackets. Rightfully so I suppose. Also in celebration of this annual tournament many people taking bets on the upcoming games and putting their bid in on who they think is going all the way. … Continue reading

Baylor Bears Jersey Reform

Just in time for March Madness the Baylor University Bears reveal their ultra loud, new home jerseys. Not that their athleticism doesn’t speak for itself, but I guess the Bears really wanted to stand out this year. To accomplish this mission, they did away with their traditional forest-green jerseys and with the help of Adidas Adizero, came … Continue reading

Rare Basketball Card Sold for Thousands

First of all, who still collects Basketball/Baseball cards? Apparently this guy; one “lucky” buyer shelled out a whopping $38,000 for a rare Blake Griffin Basketball card on eBay. Now, although the card is rare that mind numbing price even had card captor experts perplexed. The card was signed and I know that has to count … Continue reading

Everybody Hates Kris

According to a public survey posted on Forbes.com, Kris Humphies is the NBA’s most hated player. Ok, I don’t know a whole lot about Basketball but I do know that Kris Humphies was a nobody until his wed to and untimely separation from self-made-somewhat-celeb Kim Kardashian. Kris Humphries has got to be the epitome of a … Continue reading