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L’il Gotham

Meanwhile, in the world of comics we find our hero facing a new foe: chibi-style animations with a fun plot! Can we say awesome? Corny comic book talk aside, there is something pretty interesting afoot in the world of digital comics. Needless to say, Batman is involved! Yay! Author and illustrator Dustin Nguyen has taken … Continue reading

Robo-DC Comics

Before I begin, I’d like to state that I know this is flat-out silly and might not grab everyone’sĀ attention but I thought it was awesome and couldn’t help but post it! If you’ve been living under a rock and have never watched Robot Chicken, you’re wrong. If you had a crappy day at work, school … Continue reading

The Legend of Lego

Two days ago on 12 August 2012 the Lego corperation celebrated it’s eightieth birthday! I don’t know why but before seeing that headline spread all over the internet I imagined that Legos had been around for much longer than that; probably because I remember my parents telling me about how they played with Legos growing … Continue reading

Fox Hunt

In the age of digital animation, CGI and other cool cinema based technologies it so seems that more people are getting pretty creative with using all of these new techniques to their advantage. There are those of who use blogs, Twitter and other conventional means to show the world what’s bound within our hearts and … Continue reading