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Porter Takes the Wheel

Porter Takes the Wheel

Okay boys and girls, quick PSA before we get to the post: If you’re looking to add a furry friend to your family consider adoption. Sure, I know you’re probably after a specific breed or have the notion that puppies from breeders are “better” than adopted puppies, but that couldn’t be any further from the … Continue reading

Pug Sings the Blues Again

So yea, in the first Pug Sings the Blues I acknowledged that fact that some of you may find me posting a video of a singing Pug silly and borderline stupid. Either way, as also previously stated in said post, I don’t care. 🙂 Loca is back with two new tunes about her life as … Continue reading

Pug Sings the Blues

I saw this video a couple of days ago and have been contemplating posting it since. I personally think it’s adorable but I can also equally see how someone watching could say “wtf is this shit?”. Thus the basis of my conflict; obviously though this cute Pug and her catchy song won. 🙂 Loca is … Continue reading

Drunk Guys Steal Park Penguin

Now I know people tend to do some dumb shit when they’re drunk, but break into Sea World and steal a penguin? Seriously? In a half-baked “The Hangover” type plan, three drunken friends thought it would be cool to break into an Australian Sea World and go swimming with the Dolphins. Once that mission lost … Continue reading