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Work Hard. Pray Harder

Work Hard. Pray Harder

Just when I was really starting to come to my whits end and for a fleeting moment, thought my city may not get back to the glorious Detroit I grew up in, this ray of sunshine comes along! Oh joy! While waiting for a dinner table with my roomie, he asked me about buying clothes; … Continue reading

“The NYPD Does’t Like You”

“The NYPD Does’t Like You”

Well ain’t this a fly way to take a stand! At first glance, the message “The NYPD Doesn’t Like You” may come off as a bit abrasive (as if anything from Married To The Mob isn’t) but in light of recent events revolving around police brutality I think it’s lovely! MTTM has made their mark … Continue reading

Branding Wedding Band

At one point I thought a woman encouraging her husband/boyfriend to get her name tattooed on him in some obvious place was as far as a woman would/could go to say to the world “this is mine!” but as we all are from time to time, I was wrong. Basketball Wives LA star Malaysia Pargo has decided to … Continue reading

Nike Field Dunks

Normally I’m not too amped about a pair of kicks that are a bit less than aesthitically pleasing but for the sake of my health and welfare I’m willing to make an exception. Why a support (not infantry) brigade insists on doing super-hooah PT (physical training) like running up and down mountains that have no marked … Continue reading

Atari On Your Wrist

Take a look at these super-awesome time pieces! I’m really big on functionality but I’m even bigger on being fly and standing out in a crowd of many and these Pac Man inspired watches do both! I love it! After the success of a simular concept line, Swiss watch brand Romain Jerome took the classic … Continue reading

Elective: Sneakerology Studio

Elective: Sneakerology Studio

As I continue down the daunting road of finishing my degree I can’t help but scroll through my school’s course catalogs to get an idea of what sorts of classes are out there. Of course like all students I must follow a specific course outline in order to attain the degree I want but I’ve … Continue reading

A Pair of Kicks Fit For a Princess

To commemorate the diamond release of the Disney classic Cinderella, Christian Louboutin put his signature red bottom spin on the Princess’ hum-drum glass slippers. It goes without saying that Louboutin seriosuly took those classicly iconic glass slippers Cinderella received from her Fairy God Mother and gave them a whole new look. A classic red bottom adorned … Continue reading

Supra Luggage

Ok, I totally have to get this! As much as I travel you’d think I’d have a fly set of luggage to jet-set across the nation in; I don’t. That doesn’t even bother me. I mean, it the grand scheme of things as long as I have enough room to pack up all of my … Continue reading

Winged Sandals

Take a look at these fun sandals! I don’t know what the big deal is with Jesus sandals (or gladiator sandals, your choice) but they’re sure as hell managed to find their way into the wardrobes of many and show no signs of slowing up. I’ve never understood what the allure of these things were. … Continue reading

Skool Sucks says Wildfox

Well aren’t these just adorable! I love tees and hoodies that put my emotions on display. Now that I’m an adult I try to steer clear of tops that are overly vulgar due to the sideways looks they tend to attract; who would’ve guessed that people can listen to smutty music all day and curse … Continue reading