Color Changing Condom Warns Partner of STIs

Modern medicine and the technology that tends to follow it continue to amaze me! Not to sure if your hook up from Tinder is telling the truth about his/her ‘past’? Fear no more! This new condom has you covered!

I still don’t wholly understand why but it seems that casual flings are becoming more and more popular in this country and unfortunately, the rate of STI/STD (STI; STD is the older term and references full-blow diseases) being passed around is on the rise as well. Whats worse is that the STI/STDs that are on the rise aren’t necessarily the ones a trip to Rite Aid can fix. From what I hear, “crabs” suck but a bath and some sort of ointment can kill those off. Gonorrhea and syphilis however, the two that are actually on the rise, take a little more than that to get rid of and as if sleeping with a horrible person that didn’t bother to tell you that they were infected, or just “forgot” to disclose that to you isn’t enough, having to pass that information along whether it be to get medical help, get excused from school or whatever the case may be, must add insult to injury. Gots to be more careful people! If for some reason you can’t hold it together until you say “I do” at least be smart enough to use protection. No cute guy/girl is worth that risk. Remember, there are certain afflictions that a trip to the doctor’s office can’t fix… like HIV/AIDS or a screaming, money sucking bundle of joy that you weren’t planning. Protection is super easy to get these days. Hell some places give our condoms like free ink pens so there’s no excuses as to why you’re not using them. #IJS

That was my PSA for the week so lets get to the fun part! This amazing new condom, S.T.EYE was invented by a few teenagers and actually changes colors when the condom comes in contact with a STI/STD. How cool is that? Fourteen-year-old Daanyaal Ali, Muaz Nawaz, 13 and Chirag Shah 14 are the brains behind this new prophylactic. They’re all students at the Isaac Newton Academy in England and their invention earned them the Teen Tech gong [award] for best health invention. The condom works by changing colors depending on the STI/STD it comes in contact with. In more specific terms, the properties of the lubricant on the condom are altered once they come in contact with the bacteria that is associated with the STI causing the condom to change colors.

If this isn’t the coolest medical advancement I’ve heard off all month I don’t know what is! Big ups to the brilliant students who are looking out for their homies and next generation! Someone has to help keep these kids – pun intended – safe when they’re determined to be irresponsible. I love it!

On the downside, the S.T.EYE is still in the prototype phase and is not yet available for purchase. I’d keep on the lookout for these though; I can sense a KickStarter in the near future to get this invention out of the lab and into the pockets, wallets and purses of those who really need it.

Courtesy The Independent and Daily Mail


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