A Modern View on Womanhood

Happy Women’s History Month to all of the ladies out there! Men don’t realize it but being a woman is tough! A blessing, but a burden all at the same time. We are blessed with more power, drive, finesse, grace, whits and elegance than most of us know what to do with but at the same time, if mission dictates can get down and dirty, kick ass in a fight, protect what’s ours, hold our own without a man and still sit pretty doing it! Some prefer to remain runway ready in high heels and makeup, others (like me) are more partial to sneakers and jeans. We come in different shapes, sizes, attitudes, beliefs and are diverse as the day is long but no matter how we appear on the outside, we’re all feminine in our own right and ladies!

Speaking to more of the “burden” I mentioned, as women we are under a tremendous amount of scrutiny. If we work outside of the home, we’re damned to the depths for not being at home with our families, being homemakers, blah blah blah. If you’re a stay at home woman, you’re equally as damned and called lazy, others assume you have it easy, blah blah blah. If you choose to wear make up you’re considered vain. If you choose to go into the world fresh faced you’re considered drab. Its a never ending cycle of judgement.

These drawn images from Italian publication, The Post Internazionale does a splendid job of shutting down some of those stereotypes we’re bored to death with. No matter what type of woman you are, what you’re into, what you’re not into or whatever, its your choice. Do you and be proud doing it! Don’t let the haters, the bullshit or the constant nagging from the world around you rain on your black parade!

Courtesy The Post Internazionale

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