Hip Hop Takes Center Stage Thanks to Russell Simmons

Business man and mogul Russell Simmons continues to remain at the forefront of hip-hop and now, wants to take the culture we know and love to a bigger stage: broadway.

On Friday, 20 March 2015, Simmons announced his plan to produce a musical based on the evolution of hip-hop. The proposed broadway show, The Scenario, which is cleverly named after an early 90’s hit from A Tribe Called Quest is set to hit the stage in late 2016 and if Simmons’ vision goes well, will cover the history of hip-hop from Run DMC on up to Kan’Ye West. I LOVE IT!

The premise of The Scenario is expected to be pretty simple: love and hip-hop. What could possibly be more perfect? Over the years there have been many productions that take hip-hop from the street corners and rap battles to the big stage like “Holler If You Hear Me”, “Tuac: Resurrection” and “Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest” to name a few. Although they were all kick ass biopics, they were just that: biopics, movies. Also, the afore mentioned flicks and others in the same category only focused on the hip-hop heavyweights the film was based on. Since The Scenario will (in theory) cover a broader history of hip-hop and be a bit more inclusive such as an expression of the mesh of hip-hop and rock, how hip-hop has changed over the years, how it all got started and where it is now, its sure to be a pretty interesting history lesson for viewers. That in conjunction with the proposed idea of a love story thrown in the mix (can’t have a broadway show without one!) can only make it better and really bring the show to life! Either way, if all goes according to Simmons’ plan, this will be the first hip-hop based broadway musical which is a pretty big deal no matter how you look at it.

In a brief phone interview with the New York Times, the Rush Communications CEO and face of Def Jam refer to his upcoming masterpiece as “…a celebration of hip-hop” and stated that he’s ” never been so sure about anything I’ve ever produced in my entire life”. I’m not sure about you all, but I’m beyond excited to see where this goes! I’ll continue to keep you all posted as this story and production unfolds!

Courtesy Huff PostRolling Stone and NY Times


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