France To Ban Super Skinny Models

This has to be the best news I’ve heard all day!

Mo’Nique may have been doing a little too much when she said, “skinny b!#$hes are evil” but they sure as shit give the rest of us a complex! In this day and age its impossible to watch TV, drive past a billboard, open a magazine (God forbid its a fashion magazine like Vogue or Redbook) or partake in any form of media outlet that includes women and see anyone bigger than a size two. Its been this way for many moons now and it appears that the toll it takes on us normal girls is getting worse. At one point, some of us were quite content with our size and shape, but now with super skinny models plastered everywhere, “fitness models” telling us we’re fat and lazy while holding bottles of TrimSpa and drinking green shakes and flashing their spratacus abs and the media at large telling us we’re too fat no matter how healthy we are, few of us are happy and almost all of us continue to chase an unattainable dream of beauty in the name of being skinny. We all loath it and know its damn near impossible but do we stop? Nope! Some of us work out harder. Some of us eat less. Some buy body trimmers and fat wraps as I call them. No matter what approach, we all chase that dream. What’s worse? Young girls are being sucked into this downward spiral at an earlier age because of all of the glitz and glam shined on these super skinny chicks and are starting to chase that dream as well. Its a sad state of affairs but here’s hoping that things will get better!

Making big moves to put an end to hyping up the super skinny, France, one of the fashion capitals of the world in case you didn’t know, is working to pass a bill that bans super skinny models! Que the chorus on this one! 😀 It’s not official and is still in the bill writing phase of the proclamation but according to Reutgers and NY Magazine, the bill is to be presented to the French legislation later this month and will most likely, be passed into law. If this does go through, perpetrators of this heinous crime (hiring models that are under the approved weight) will be hit with a pretty sick fine of $79,300 and face up to six months in jail. If the same culprits are caught condoning anorexia or other eating disorders such as bulimia in the name of fashion, they stand a chance of being served a fine of $10,600 and face up to one year in jail. I don’t know about you, but if it were me, I’d just hire a woman with meat on her bones to model my designs. A skinny little doll in runway rags isn’t worth fed time and my pockets getting as light as the models! [sorry, couldn’t resist]

As I’m sure you can imagine, the specifics of this bill are still being worked out but as it stands, the bill is written to include a minimum weight and body mass index (BMI) for all models. If you plan to be runway ready in France, be prepared to weigh in at-at least 121lbs with a minimum BMI of 18%. Believe it or not, this is pretty reasonable for a fashion model standing at 5’7. With these dimensions our dream models would certainly be trim enough to pull off whatever Marc Jacobs throws them in and glide across the runway in a pair of Jimmy Choo’s gracefully but we’d no longer be able to see her ribcage and the single grain of rice she’d eaten for breakfast poking through her skin where her stomach used to be. Sounds like a winning start to me! 😀

If you’d like to read the full stories, peep game in the hyperlinks listed below. Stay sexy out there y’all! Whatever size that may be!

Courtesy NY Magazine Post, Victoria’s Secret and Reuters Post

#TeamThickChicks #FitAndFat



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