Digital Birth Control Said to be 99 Percent Effective

Great news ladies! Birth control is now even more convenient! Sick of pills, patches, shots and devices? Try this app!

Since the dawn of sophisticated medicine, fertility tracking or natural family planning has been a pretty effective way to prevent pregnancy. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, its said that if you measure certain body indications including your temperature, menstrual cycles, cervical mucus and things of that nature and have unprotected sex in accordance with your findings, you’re far less likely to conceive in contrast to just rolling the dice (or in the sheets) and hoping for the best. This method is particularly popular within the Catholic community and for those who prefer not to use hormonal birth controls or intrauterine devices (IUDs) such as ParaGard or Mirena. When used appropriately fertility tracking has been proven to be about 90% effective when avoiding an unplanned pregnancy or actually conceiving if that’s your intent. Before bigger advances in technology, calendars and hope that you have a good memory were means of tracking this vital information. Now, we have apps! At this point there are a number of apps available to women to help keep up with our “ladies days” and all things associated with it but none have claimed to been 99% accurate until this one.

NaturalCycles, an app available for iPhone and Android via GooglePlay is stated to be the most sophisticated fertility tracking app available with a boastful 99% success rate. This app was created by two Swedish physicists and uses statistics and data that you annotate on your app to determine the days that you will not become pregnant if you choose to partake in grown-folks activities. Unlike other apps of a similar claim, NaturalCycles charts your data on an easy to read grid that says “fertile” and “not fertile” rather than having the user review grids and graphs. Additionally, with your $68 annual fee you receive a free basal thermometer shipped to your door to help you track your daily temperature – which is very key in accuracy, I might add – making the investment much more worth your while! If that fee is a bit hefty, the app designers are kind enough to offer a one-month free trial!

No matter what approach you choose to take, please use something. You all read the news; there’s no need to hark on the importance of safe sex but the prospect of an unwanted pregnancy seems to be often overlooked. If you’re not sure what birth control is right for you, check out They have a wealth of information about various birth control options and can help give you an idea of what might work best for you. Above all else, be open and honest and contact your physician before starting any birth control regimen.

Be safe!

Courtesy Huffington Post and TechCrunch


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