White Castle Goes Healthy

With the big push to healthy and fit these days, its no surprise that the fast food world continues to follow suit. Being a fat kid at heart and a wannabe fit chick this pivotal change to White Castle’s fast food menu struck a cord with me so as unappetizing as it may be to me personally, not posting this was not an option.

On 30 December 2014, White Castle unveiled their veggie burger; a healthy alternative to the standard sliders we’ve all grown to know and love. Now, if you’re not from the midwest there’s a sporting chance you’ve never had the pleasure of visiting White Castle and you have no idea what you’re missing! A “Sack of Ten” when you’re just too lazy to cook or leaving the club at some unreasonable hour (just as the title suggests, its a sack of ten hamburgers/cheeseburgers) is all you need to complete your night! If you’re not in the mood for a burger, try a chicken ring sandwich! They’re equally as awesome but won’t give you “the shits” after eating seven or eight of them.

I’m all for taking a healthy approach to eating but going to White Castle (or any fast food restaurant for that matter) for a healthy meal is like going to a hoe for a hug. Its just one of those things that doesn’t add up. If you really want to be healthy, why on earth are you stopping at a burger joint? I’m just saying. Either way, I guess there’s something for everyone and the first step to healthy living has to start somewhere… even if it is at greasy White Castle. In addition to the whole wheat bun, the White Castle veggie burger includes a choice of three sauces: sweet Thai, ranch or honey mustard. If that’s not enough to make you want to run out and grab one, these vegetarian-friendly burgers are only 99¢!

Y’all can have this one because I won’t be partaking. Enjoy!

Courtesy First We Feast


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