“The NYPD Does’t Like You”

Well ain’t this a fly way to take a stand!

At first glance, the message “The NYPD Doesn’t Like You” may come off as a bit abrasive (as if anything from Married To The Mob isn’t) but in light of recent events revolving around police brutality I think it’s lovely! MTTM has made their mark on the urban fashion scene with their bitchisms and vulgar garments and this one is no different. Following the untimely death of Eric Garner at the hands of NYPD, the founder and CEO of MTTM, Leah McSweeny, crafted this tee shirt as a way to, “support the movement to end police brutality and hold officers accountable for their actions”. All proceeds from the sales of this shirt – which is available in sizes for both men and women –  will go to the Fund For the Children of Eric Garner. I love it! To add an interesting spin to this story, by her own admission Ms. McSweny also had a bout with NYPD a few years ago and the spoils of her lawsuit afforded her the opportunity to lay the foundation for Married to the Mob. Oh the irony! Take a look at her “mugshot” following the incident and view her powerful statement regarding what happened in the caption.

“The NYPD Doesn’t Like You” tee is available for purchase at the MTTM website and will only set you back $32. Well worth the investment if you ask me. I’ll def be copping one!

Courtesy Married to the Mob

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