Hip-Hop Heavyweights Take a Stand in LA

This senseless violence has to stop people. It’s getting kinda ridiculous. I mean really.

Today, millions gathered in the city of lost angels to peacefully protest the string of police brutality to hit the media circuit. I think police brutality has been an ongoing issue for many years now but in light of what appears to be more senseless killings, has been getting more press coverage. I don’t care what your stance on race is; a thing as petty as skin color is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these crimes. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and beat this dead horse until someone feels where I’m coming from: remove race and look at the facts of the crimes. Reasonably innocent personnel, whether they be a cop, an unarmed teen or adult, are being killed and left in cold blood. Some are gutted in the street and left there for hours (Michael Brown), others have been chased down and shot (Trayvon Martin), some chocked out (Eric Garner) and some not even old enough to realize what’s going on (Tamir Rice). Now, things have taken an even more tragic turn when those sworn to defend us are now under attack as well. Its no secret that two NYPD cops were killed earlier this week in what some believe to be an act of retaliation of the afore mentioned string of ‘incidents’. No matter which side of the fence you’re on this shit has to change. Taking lives of cops, kids or anyone at all for that matter isn’t going to make this world a better place. Its not a black or white thing; its a human thing.

Yes, black America. I see why you’re upset. In light of recent events I too get nervous when my roommate is gone too long when he goes to walk our dog. I know. Its not safe for black men but killing cops isn’t the way to fix it. Cops and white folks, I understand where you’re coming from too. With all of the hate and anger in the world its nearly impossible to walk through an urban environment or a pro-black district of a city and not feel an overwhelming sense of fear and in that fear, you may panic. I get it. However, killing ‘us’ off isn’t going to fix the problem either. A life is a life no matter what race, creed, walk of life, social status or appearance.

Now that I’ve hopped off of my soapbox, let’s get on to the story:

Earlier today some of hip-hop’s heavyweights including The Game, Tyga and DJ Mustard attended the #MillionMarchLA protest along with about two-hundred-thousand like-minded peeps. This peaceful protest was a march similar to the Million Man March back in the day but with a focus on shining light on the senseless violence going on in the community between police officers and those they’re sworn to defend and serve. Check out the original story from Vibe to see some footage from the march and read more detail. Enjoy!



Courtesy NBC NewsVibeCNNNY Post

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