Holiday Lights

Who says you need a mountain of snow and a fat guy in a red suit to have Christmas?

Despite the fact that I moved away from my family and snowy Detroit many moons ago, I’ve never had a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit. I’m over the whole commercial aspect of this blessed holiday so finding joy and good tidings all around the world is pretty easy. One thing that was tough though was adjusting to not “feeling” Christmas-esq without the biting cold, snow and kids running around in snow suits. Don’t get me wrong. I love having the ability to go to the beach in a bikini in the dead of “winter” but its hard for it to feel like Christmas without the yule-tide staples like snow, sleighs, hot chocolate, etc. Last night however on a pretty epic holi-date I got to experience Christmas Hawaiian style and it was pretty awesome! 😀

The streets of downtown Honolulu were lit and decorated to the tee with millions of Christmas lights, festive trees, holiday wreaths and plenty of aloha. From what I understand, Honolulu City Lights is an annual month-long event the good folks of Oahu put on each year to help celebrate Christmas. This month long event includes lots of keiki [kid] friendly festivities such as face painting and carnival rides along with a parade that kicks off the festival and decorations fit for a family. It was great! Alas, I won’t be on island next Christmas to see it again but I thought I’d share my pictures from the festivities in hopes that you can enjoy it if you somehow missed Christmas. Oh. Did I mention this event is free to the public? Defiantly worth checking out if you find yourself in Hawaii on Christmas (as if you won’t have enough to do)! Anyway, here are my pics from last night. Happy {belated] Christmas! Enjoy!

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