Digital Driver’s License

Isn’t technology amazing? It seems like it was just yesterday when things like vehicle insurance and credit/debit cards migrated over to smart phone apps to offer consumers a convenience way to do just about everything and now this; a driver’s license app!

In 2015 the great state of Iowa intends to introduce a smart phone app to take the place of the old fashioned driver’s license. If funding gets approved (they’re asking for about $14 million to get this “project” off of the ground so keep your fingers crossed and pay your state taxes, Iowans) the app will be given to driver’s at no additional charge and would fully replace the plastic license once carried in your wallet or purse. Aside from being pretty cool in itself, this new technology is sure to make keeping your license up-to-date quick and easy which is really awesome! No more waiting in line at the DMV or Secretary of State or ridin’ dirty while you wait for your new license to come in the mail. Just click, renew and refresh!

At this rate, most of us will have absolutely no use for a wallet. I mean really, parents have pictures of their kids on their phones so there’s no need for wallet pics, Google Wallet and Apple Pay mitigate the need to carry credit/debit cards anymore and carrying cash is so 1999 so why even go there? Now, with driver’s licenses and insurance cards being at your finger tips by clicking an app, wallets are pretty much obsolete. Heaven help us if we loose our phones though; we’d be screwed, broke and unable to call for help if we need it. #TheStruggle


Courtesy Des Moines RegisterIowa Department of Transportation

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