Foxy Blox

You all know I’m a huge Lego fan so this random bit of impractical, adult humor was pretty irresistible.

Ever wonder what the good folks of the Lego world do when they’re not busy at work in their make-believe realm? Like their human counterparts, Lego firefighters and police officers have to unwind at the end of the evening some way and what better way than to relieve some stress than to visit the strip club? The Lego Movie gave us a pretty good idea (if you haven’t seen it yet, you must! Its hilarious!) of how wild Lego folks can be when they’re  not being pieced together and taken apart by some kid, but this fun little Lego set puts a new spin on things; pun intended!

This adorably inappropriate toy set is complete with dancers in clear heels, a bare-chested man stripper, dollars for the customers to throw at the intricately painted dancers, LED lights and everything else needed to make a raunchy strip club legit like flashing lights, a DJ booth and of course a stripper pole. The “Citizen’s Brick Center for Performing Arts” (cute name, right?) defiantly isn’t for kids but would be a cool conversation piece in some guys bachelor pad. Aside from just this stripper set, Citizen Brick sells a number of adult friendly Lego sets including Walter’s meth lab from the hit series Breaking Bad and Lego homies for individual purchase including an “international importing enthusiast” and a “stick up enthusiast”. Definitely big boys toys and not intended for the little ones.

Anyway, this Lego strip club is available for purchase via Citizen Brick for a whopping $275. Just a disclaimer, this is not a licensed Lego product thus the Lego corporation does not endorse the use, misuse or any other use of this product.

Courtesy Citizen Brick

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