Temporary TaTas

I’m all for the advancement of modern medicine but something has to give. Liposuction? If you think you need it, sure. Boob job? If a Wonder Bra just isn’t enough for you or if you just love that Pamela Anderson look, then by all means. Fake asses? Starting to loose me but hey! If you want to follow in Nicki Minaj’s footsteps, be my guest? Temporary fake boobs though? Now you’ve gone too far!

Dr. Norman Rowe, a leading cosmetic surgeon first made waves with his InstaBreast creation; a quick lift to add a little more pep to your boobs without the need for cosmetic surgery. Now that InstaBreats have proven to be successful (as successful as an impractical temporary boob job can be, anyway) he’s back in his lab to bring the not-so-well-endowed women of the world a way to get those Pam Anderson boobs without surgery on a temporary basis. Vacation Breasts, a slightly more long term version of the InstaBreast procedure is anticipated to be available for use [for lack of a better term] by 2016. If you’re interested, start saving your pennies! Vacation Breasts are anticipated to run about $2,500! The good doctor has stated that the price could potentially decrease based on popularity but lets be real; no good cosmetic surgery is cheap and cheap cosmetic surgery is not good so start saving!

Moving back to the medical part of this silliness, the actual chemical makeup of the boob juice has not yet been disclosed but it can be assume its the same substance found in InstaBreast but instead of lasting a day or two, will last two to three weeks. Talk about a quick fix!

I guess this isn’t such a bad thing in theory. We as women go to great lengths to look good on vacation and while in swimwear so if your A-cup is in your mind stopping you from getting the cute lifeguards attention then what better solution then to get a temporary fix that will deflate before you go back to work? Makes perfect sense… not! Just remember ladies, when you land that mystery man from Maui or meet up with your Miami fling after the vacation is over he’s going to wonder where the boobs went. “You got some ‘splainin’ to do!”.

Courtesy Newser

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