Laugh in the Face of Racism

Sometimes in this life we must laugh to keep from crying. Unfortunately, when faced with things like racism that results in a loss of a young person’s life at the hands of a cop, its nearly impossible to do so. However, there are some that can use their knack for humor to shine a much needed light on such issues.

The incident involving Michael Brown, an unarmed African-American teenager, and former police officer Darren Wilson continues to make headline news. The most recent update of course being Wilson’s resignation today and prior to that, the not-so-shocking decision by the grand jury not to indite him. Now, in an attempt not to beat a dead horse, I’ll keep my opinion on the outcome of the case brief: it was bullshit. In light of this and other recent events (i.e. Trayvon Martin, and Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old shot in Cleveland, OH by a police officer) it is becoming more and more apparent that the lives of a certain group of individuals of a certain ethnic background are seemingly less valuable than the lives of other individuals of other ethnic backgrounds :hint: in the eyes of certain police officers :hint: but that should not lead the the misuse of force and unnecessary violence. One must wonder: how would “they” feel if “they” received a phone call that their unarmed son was shot by a police officer and left in cold blood? Would the public outrage, demand for justice or spent tears seems so unreasonable or be considered playing the race card? Something to think about.

Moving on beyond the obvious outrage and facts that we already know, I saw something today on Facebook related to the incident mentioned above that was too interesting not to share. Jon Stewart took to his pseudo-news show, The Daily Show to discuss his opinion and perception on the matter at hand and my God was it splendid! Its not too often you see a Caucasian person take such a bold stand on the matter of racism and even rarer do you see such a person empathize with the group that’s being mistreated. In the video below, you’ll see Stewart use his whits, comedy and a pretty interesting group of facts to paint a pretty interesting picture of racism in modern day America but shine an unseen light on the Michael Brown case.


Courtesy CNNNY PostThe Domino Theory by Jeff Winbush


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