Greedy Jeanious 2.0

Hello world! 🙂

At this point I feel as though an apology would be beyond pointless. An absentee blogger is bad enough but to add insult to injury by offering an “apology” after being MIA for nearly a year is just rude so, lets just skip past that part and call it even.. okay? Thanks for understanding! On to the current mission at hand, I’m back; again. This time I’m here to stay! So much has gone on in my life within these past eleven months both personally and professionally and even more has gone on in the world of hip-hop, news, politics, fashion and just plain randomness. Let’s see if I can briefly sum up what’s gone on since I’ve been out of the bloggershpere in one paragraph: Rihanna is still naked. Eminem has thrown shade at one of my new fav lady-rappers Iggy Azalea, she replied and has the hip-hop world in an uproar. Lil Kim had a baby. For some unknown reason Beyonce continues to release random ass videos with even more random songs. Kim Kardashian had a baby and since has posed butt-ass naked for a magazine. Ebola made its way over to America (to date, I still don’t understand how). U.S. troops are headed overseas (again). Apple has blessed up with the iPhone 6 and their rendition of the Samsung Note via the iPhone 6+. King Push has released a couple of new albums. Maywhether is still scared to fight Pacquiao. Bill Cosby is being accused of rape as is celebrity photographer Terry Richardson. A few new movies came out including two Hunger Games films and Lana Del Ray has sealed her status as a sex symbol by being plastered on the cover of Maxim (when creepy became sexy must’ve slipped past me while I was away). Violence in America continues to be on the rise. Kermit the Frog has taken the meme world by storm and drinks tea because most things, “ain’t none of ‘my’ business”. Grumpy Cat has a movie coming out soon and the fight to legalize marijuana continues to be a hot topic in America while politicians continue to fight for power and control over the country. That pretty much sums it up, right?

Now that we’ve gotten that boring stuff covered… thanks again for sticking with me everyone! 🙂 Continue to look forward to bigger and better things from The Jeanious as I continue my quest to take over the internet (not really but, you get the idea). TTYL!

With love,

The Jeanious

activists fight to support, oppose, enact and destroy other hot-button issues such as same sex marriage and the “die with dignity” act (that’s a real hot-button topic). Have I missed anything? Good! Now I can more forward with a clean slate. Thanks for rockin’ with me all this time even though I’ve been MIA. Your continued support really means a lot to me and The Jeanious you all grew and love is back in effect as of today. Just wait to see what I have in store for you! More stories, more opinions, videos, updates, GIVEAWAYS and

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