Music! “Monsters Under My Bed”, Bebe Rehxa

“I’m friends with the monster that’s under my bed/ Get along with the voices inside of my head…”

This has become one of my favorite songs! I know you’ve heard Eminem’s hit single featuring Rihanna, “The Monster” but have you heard the original by Bebe Rexha? Probably not! This dark track originally titled “Monsters Under My Bed” was penned by the New York singer/song writer for her debut album Monster to work through her depression after being dropped from her first record label. After laying down the vocals it occurred to Rexha that this would be a great song for Eminem and in time, became the radio hit we know and love today! Visit Pigeons and Planes to get the full story.

Honestly, although I think Eminem and Rihanna are both amazing, I like Ms. Rexha’s original version of the song a lot better and loved it so much I had to share. Why Em didn’t have her sing the hook? I don’t know. I think due to the content of the song and sheer emotion behind it, I think Rexha would’ve been a better fit for this song than Rihanna. Either way, the song is awesome and I still love it! Check out “Monsters Under My Bed” by Bebe Rexha and let me know what you think. Rihanna or Bebe Rehxa?


One thought on “Music! “Monsters Under My Bed”, Bebe Rehxa

  1. First off, I think that as a whole, this original version is better (in my opinion). BUT, both versions have a slightly different sound, so definitely to each their own. I think the Eminem/Rihanna take has a slightly “deep and darker” tone than Bebe’s slightly higher pitch.

    So, I wonder if that is part of the reason why Bebe wasn’t brought on to record it with Eminem; Rihanna brings a slightly deeper sound to match with Em’s “yelling” (lol, he is kind of an angry screamer when you think about it).

    Just my 2 cents.


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