Scary Kids Scaring Kids.

Has anyone else noticed how totally creepy Lana Del Rey is?

Lets be real. The girl can sing like nobodies business but she’s pretty eerie. Her would-be melodic voice is generally overturned by her somber tone and cryptically creepy lyrics. She’s like the Amy Lee (lead singer of rock band Evanescence) of R&B and pop. Usually this type of music is right up my emo-alley but when you take a track that was initially a sweet, almost lullaby of a song and turn it into this… I don’t know. That just crosses a certain boundary with me. No matter, I still love it. Just wont be playing it much unless I’m trying to be eerie and creep out my roomy on a dark, not-so-romantic, haunted night, lol.

Enough of the creepiness and distortion of childhood songs for now, on to very thing that brought on this ‘lovely’ rendition of “Once Upon a Dream”. Type cast along with the talented, stunning and equally creepy Angelina Jolie, Del Rey sings her blues as the title song for the upcoming Disney movie Maleficent. The newest trailer for this fairy tale retold was aired for the first time yesterday during the Grammy’s and made quite the splash! As you can see in the trailer, Disney has done away with the squeaky-clean imagine of fairy tales and reminded you that fairy tales aren’t always pleasant and are often nothing more than a nightmare turned upside down. Disney’s Maleficent will re-tell the classic story of Sleeping Beauty but rather than do so through the eyes of a Princess, this live action remake will be told from the perspective of the most vile villain in the Disney kingdom; Maleficent. Check out the trailer below to catch a glimpse of what you can expect when the movie hits theaters 30 May 2014. Also in this vide you will hear Ms. Creepy Del Rey singing her rendition of “Once Upon a Dream”. If you want to add this one to your music collection, this song is available for free download courtesy of Google Play via the link below. With that being said, watch the vid, download the song and lookout for Maleficent in theaters. Enjoy!

Download “Once Upon a Dream” for FREE


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