Cash Catfish

How much would you pay for love?

I’m a firm believer that no good comes from online dating. Before the success of MTV’s reality show “Catfish: The Show”, there had been horror stories of online dating gone sour. I just don’t get how you can forge a legitimate connection with someone over the internet. Dating and meeting real people allows you to look into a person’s eyes as they speak, view their body language, hell see what they look like for pete’s sake! Online, you’re just going off of a blind hope that the pics they’re posting are indeed theirs, recent and a true image of what they look like and not a product of some fancy PhotoShop work. To compound that, you really have no idea who you’re dealing with on the other side of cyber space. To deviate from the seriousness of “Catfish: The Show”, remember that movie “Bringing Down the House” with Steve Martin and Queen Latifah? Peter (Steve Martin) was a straight laced lawyer who thought he was talking to another lawyer of the female variety online via a dating site unbeknownst to him he was in fact building a relationship with an inmate (Queen Latifah) at a women’s prison who ultimately busted out of prison. Crazy, huh? All of this before the Catfish era. I know that was all fictional but that shit scared me straight before I even had an inkling to begin to consider to attempt online dating at any point in my life. IDK. To each is own but still, that shit is just too risky… and a little weird.

In more recent Catfishy news, the NY Daily News is reporting a story about an elderly lady that was duped into sending a love interest about $500,000. The woman, who chose to remain anonymous, was looking for love on Christian (oh, the irony) and met a gentlemen who she thought worked on a oil rig. After a few messages here and there, the Irish oil rig worker asked his lover, an unsuspecting 66-year-old divorcee, to let him borrow some money to help him out with his business; how much money you ask? Try $300,000. To compound that, after this money was wired over the smooth talker asked the lady for another $200,000 and again, she sent the money over. Fuck. That.

How can you send someone who you’ve never met that kind of money? I mean come on. I realize the woman’s age and all and understand that her biological clock may be ticking and that she maybe wanted to get re-married quick, fast and in a hurry, but c’mon! That’s just plain crazy!

Anyway, back to the news story. The would be oil rig worker/lover boy turned out to be a scam artist somewhere over in Nigeria. The scam was brought to a head when a family me member of the elderly woman noticed that she’d wired that much money to someone and notified the authorities. Thankfully, she was able to receive the second ‘investment’ of $200,000 back but has a slim chance of getting the first $300,000 back. Did I mention the lady dipped into her retirement fund for this dough? In addition, from what sources are saying, this isn’t the only time something like this has happened through that site. Wow. If you want to read the rest of the dirty details, here’s the full story from NY Daily News.

66-Year-Old Woman Gets Cat-fished for $500,000

Know the signs people. Friends don’t let friends or family get Cat-fished.


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