You Talkin’ To Me?

Does the way you speak give away where you’re from? You’dbe surprised how much it may!

I don’t know about y’all but the way I speak definitely gives away where I’m from; at least to a certain degree. Only a select few of us from a very specific part of the country refer to carbonated beverages as “pop” and use the word “y’all” when addressing a group of people. Yep! There’s no hiding it! I’m from the midwest! 🙂 As conversations thicken so does my use of colloquial terms such as “what up?” rather than a more appropriate greeting of the day and abuse of “ain’t” and a myriad of other slang words that although normal to us Detroiters, seem to be down right foreign to outsiders.

My grammar and diction aside, this nifty quiz compliments of the New York Times is just a few questions but once complete is pretty accurate when it comes to pin-pointing where you’re from. At the end of the quiz there’s actually a map of the US that showcases where each part of speech comes from. Pretty cool, right? Take the quiz for yourself and find out how much (or maybe how little) the way you speak reflects where you come from.

How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk


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