The Little Drummer Boy

Happy holidays everyone! It’s that joyous time of year again when sleigh bells are ringing, shoppers are shopping and the planet is filled with good cheer! To accompany the regular jubilation surrounding the holidays, Christmas music has started to plague shopping areas and businesses all over the country. Yay! This is always such a great time of year. Once the horrors of Black Friday conclude and as we grow closer to celebrating the birth of Christ, people just seem to be happier and friendlier this time of year! I love it!

Speaking of Christmas music, I came across this really great rendition of my favorite Christmas song/movie “Little Drummer Boy”, that I’d like to share with you.

If you’ve been stuck under a rock for the last sixty years, “Little Drummer Boy” (the movie) tells the story of little Aaron. An orphaned boy who after witnessing the murder of his parents and destruction of their farm by bandits, vowed to hate all people. In time, a group of wanders convinced Aaron and his animals (Baba, Samson and Joshua) to join their traveling act. Later, tragedy struck Aaron once again when Baba, his lamb was hit by a stage car and injured. From there Aaron carried Baba and walked with Samson and Joshua up to a king who happened to be one of the Three Wise Men and begged him to help Baba. The king kindly said to Aaron that he was merely a mortal king and that he couldn’t help. Instead, he mentioned to Aaron that if he was willing to travel a little further, he and his comrades (the other two Wise Men) were headed to meet the Lord of all Lords, King of all Kings and that he was the one he should see. With truly child-like optimism and blind faith, Aaron approached the stable to see a little baby laying in a manger surrounded by guests and gifts. Rather than going in empty handed, Aaron picked up his drum and played it for the king, baby Jesus. Naturally, Baba was healed and the hatred Aaron had been carrying for so long was lifted from his heart.

Isn’t that one of the most precious stories you’ll ever hear? Moving forward, of course a story this awesome was later put to song and after dozens of covers is now an extremely popular Christmas carol. The video below is singing group Pentatonix signing “Little Drummer Boy” acapella. Needless to say they sound amazing! Check out the video below and let me know what you think! Enjoy!

One thought on “The Little Drummer Boy

  1. I thank you for giving me a song that was stuck in my head for about a week.. lol. I liked their take on “Carol of the Bells” too.


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