Weed Wax

I know I say this a lot but the drug game is getting crazy out here y’all. First there was spice, then bath salts, then krokodil now there’s weed wax. I swear I love science as much as the next nerd but how do they come up with this shit? Marijuana in the form of wax? Really?

I mean, look at it. A nug of weed is pretty unsightly on its own if you ask me but this thing looks like a slug or some shit that gets clogged in a bathtub drain. wuttn_earwax_751161

Moving on past the ugliness of this new age drug, let’s get to the scientific portion of today’s lesson! Marijuana wax, more commonly referred to as “ear wax” or “wax” is more than 80% THC so it’s uber potent, very dangerous to makes due to the complexity of its makeup and provides its users with some pretty gnarly hallucinations. In addition to these perilous traits “ear wax” is far more expensive than its leafy counterpart. I don’t know, this sounds like a whole awful lot to go through to get high. To each is own I guess but something’s gotta give.

Anyway, if you want to read more about this new age drug, (as long as you promise not to try it!) check out this article from The High Times via the link below! Just a reminder kids, don’t do drugs!

Weed Wax: To Dab or Not To Dab?


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