No Church in the Wild

In these times of uncertainty, we need prayer more than ever.
This post is going to be short, sweet and to the point. I may not always act like it but trust and believe me when I saw I am a devote Christian woman firmly rooted in my faith. I also love love love hip-hop and can’t imagine my life without it and the culture that comes with it. No matter how much I love hip-hop my love for the Lord will always outweigh that and subsequently puts a limit on that things I tolerate and fucks with. Some Jay-Z lines have ruffled my feathers over the year. I’m yet to listen to Yeezus because of its blasphames title and broke my heart sink and made my blood boil (all at the same time) when I saw the images I’m about to share with you. Some say I’m overreacting but fuck that. There’s a fine line between self expression and disrespect of a culture and beliefs and I feel like Mr. West crossed it. I know that Kan’Ye isn’t the first, last and probably won’t be the only artist to do things like that but it offends me just the same no matter who’s involved. It makes me shudder when Pusha T spits bars that slur the bible and calls himself a God and Lord knows how much Jay-Z I skip over because I can’t allow myself to listen to him call himself Hova.
Back to the topic at hand, we all know that Kan’Ye hasn’t been the same since his beloved mother passed away (RIP Ms. Donda West) but Yeezus? Really? Then to actually have a Jesus Christ lookalike at your show? Thats where I draw the line. It was a slap in the face as a (former) Kan’Ye fan to see him so blatantly spit in the face of my faith hurt my little soul. This in conjunction with the fact that his hallographic depiction of Christ graced the stage before he performed his hit (and one of my personal favs) “Jesus Walks”. I pumped my breaks when it came to Kan’Ye when he started to switch his style up and did that crazy sacrilegious Rolling Stones cover (shown below) but I though he’d draw the line there. I was wrong.
Moving on the the next bucket of sin and disrespect, Rihanna tried to set up a photo-shoot in a mosque in Abu Dahbi. Really? To add insult to injury, after being asked to dress modestly to be respectful of the Muslim/Islamic faith, she complied with the request only to make a mockery of it by posing in the the hijab (traditional attire worn by Muslim women) as if it were ripped straight from the runway. The people of Abu Dahbi though thought it was as much a sign of disrespect as I did because they asked her to leave. Good job RihNasty.
All good things must come to an end and although Nas said it I didn’t want to believe it but #HipHopIsDead. That’s just my opinion though and I want to hear from you guys! Some have told me that “its’ just art”. Some have expressed the same feeling of insult I share. What do you think about Yeezy’s performance and RihNasty’s pics? In closing, I want to leave you with some pretty famous rap lyrics that I think are fitting:

To quote Frank Ocean:

Human being in a mob

What’s a mob to a king? What’s a king to a God?

What’s a God to a non-beliver who don’t believe in anything?

… No church in the wild…


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