New Interview! The Breakfast Club w/Cam’ron

When I was younger I swore I was gonna grow up and marry Cam’ron. True shit, I think I was determined to marry every other rapper I thought I loved but that’s beside the point.  Who knew a man rockin’ a pink mink, drivin’ a pink truck with canary yellow earrings could be so fly? Maybe I was a girl that had a thing for ‘progressive’ thugs or just a little weird. Either way, that loved turned to a bad romance once Cam got kicked off of his label, kicked out of NY and went from being the Dr. Seuss of hip-hop to a flat out wash up. I knew the imaginary love affair was over when Crime Pays dropped; can we say hot garbage? That shit fucked his whole circuit up and in my opinion, sealed his fate as a wash up. Oh well. You live, you learn and then you move on to the next.

In case you didn’t know, The Breakfast Club, a radio show on Power 101.5 with DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God, conducts interviews with people from all walks and areas of hip-hop with folks like, Jay-Z, Trinidad James, Lyfe Jennings, would-be stars like K. Michelle (yuck!) and Cam’ron. Aside from his most recent mixtape Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1 not much has been heard from the Harlem native so naturally, I was excited to watch this interview! Fan excitement aside, I couldn’t help but laugh as I was watching this shit. Homeboy went from talking about his beef with Jay-Z (which according to him he had no hand in), to his beef with former label mate Jim Jones which was apparently a publicity stunt by Jones and again, not his fault, to his plans for the future including a line of capes. Yes, I said capes. You know that thing The Count from Sesame Street wears? Wow Cam. Just wow.

Back to more important topics addressed in the interview, call me crazy or maybe my memory is getting a little rusty (I kinda doubt it though) but didn’t Cam put out a few tracks flat out dissin’ Jay like “Swagger Jacker” and “You Got To Love It“? In knowing that, how can this dude act all sweet and contrite like he added no fuel to the fire and played no role in this beef? I don’t know. To me, it seemed like he was trying to blame the whole thing on Jay. Whatevs man. On to the next beef. When the Breakfast Club crew asked Killa about the beef with Jim Jones he played the same card; you know the whole “I didn’t do shit. He was just trippin’ and roped me into it” thing. Negro please! Like my homie said, that shit wasn’t a stunt. Jim Jones kicked his ass out and he was (and seems to still be) hurt. I don’t know man; Cam’ron’s whole line of stories was just funny to me and only got funnier as the interview went on. It only got more interstignly comical when they asked him about the homie Dame Dash and he so kindly said, “I’m not tryin’ to tell all of his business” and continued to do just the opposite. Amazing. His loose lips got him into a beef that managed to get his label and crew snatched from him, made promises he couldn’t keep (remember that promise from last April that he was gonna drop a new track every day for thirty days?) and landed him in the position he’s in now and yet he continues to yap. Isn’t there some part of street manners that you keep you mouth shut about certain shit? Guess he’ll never learn.

Anyway, enough of my opinion.  Below you will find both parts of the video. In whole the interview is a little under an hour so sit back and watch this shit when you have some time on your hands. With that, check out the interview below and Cam’s new mixtape Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1 and let me know what you think! Enjoy!

Download “Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1”

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