New Video! “Pour It Up”, Rihanna

Not that it matters at all, but let me start by saying “Pour It Up” is my least favorite song on Unapologetic. Despite my personal biases I can totally see why this was selected as a single. This track is catchy, marketable and filled with enough sex and sin to keep RihNasty at the top of the charts. Well played lady! Anyway, enough of that, lets move on to the video at hand.

This video is full of blunts, bitches and brews; just about any man’s perfect fantasy… and a STD waiting to happen. I knew coming in that this video would be a little raunchy and the fact that she actually held auditions for strippers for the video didn’t help ease my expectations but this was something else entirely; it looked like a cut from Player’s Club! And what’s with this chick (Rihanna) stepping out of the abyss? My homie tried to convince me that she was walking through a pool but a body of water and fog in my eyes is either a marsh or the abyss. Next, why is there so much ass in this video? I remember back in the day (I promise I’m not as old as I sound) when shit like this was only shown on BET Uncut. Nowadays however I guess its acceptable for public TV. You got Rihanna and a gang of rump shakers sliding down a pole and Miley Cyrus twerking on MTV; what’s next?

Aside from the dollars flying, drinks flowing, Rihanna wailing and strippers sliding, I guess this video is what’s to be expected. This track was intended to be a strip club song and the video most certainly showcased that in case you missed the lyrics. Again, not ideal for me but hey! To each is own. Anyway, here’s the video for the hit single “Pour It Up” by Rihanna for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy!

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