New Video! “Fashion Killa” A$AP Rocky feat. Rihanna

The self proclaimed pretty muthafucka (who is anything but I might add) A$AP Rocky released a video to accompany his new track “Fashion Killa”; a fourth single from his upcoming Long.Live.A$AP.

True shit, this isn’t my favorite flavor of hip-hop but I must admit this track is pretty catchy. I like the simplicity of the beat and the cute little “bang bang boom boom pop pop” that covers the bridge. Much like the beat, the message is behind the song is pretty  simplistic making it an easy track to vibe to if you’re in that kind of mood. I’m not saying it make my mall hopping playing but this is def something you can sit back and chill with your lady (or by your damn self if you on that A$AP or Kan’Ye shit) and talk about the next pair of shoes you’re trying to cop. If not that, just vibe to it. Either way this is definitely an easy listening hip-hop track. I love it!

Even thought this isn’t a fav of mine I gotta give credit where credit is due. The beat was nice, video was very simplistic yet representative of the music plus, featured one of my all time fav artists, Rihanna. Aside from a better flow, what more can you want?

Speaking of Rihanna (whom I’ve decided to affectionally call RiNasty) she looked awful booed up with A$AP during the video and were caught “enjoying each others company to the fullest” as A$AP’s crew described it both on and off set. The video shows a guy taking his girl who loves high end fashion, shopping. Seems legit, right? According to sources close to both performers, they continued their cakey moments once they got off set and enjoy a full on lip-locking session. RiNasty, as a huge fan I gotta ask, how many guys do you plan to be with before you settle down. Remember that old nursery rhyme: twinkle twinkle little whore, close your legs they’re not a door”. 🙂 Besides, maybe if she’s settle down some they might get a good thing going. He thinks he’s that pretty muthafucka and RiNasty is just as sexy as she wants to be. Who knows, maybe I’ll turn into something good!

My last gripe about this video (which was pretty hot by the way) was the overwhelming knowledge A$AP Rocky has about fashion. Rihanna? Sure. When she’s not in the studio or posing as a sex symbol somewhere (look at her pics) she’s shopping. Whether it be at a mall, Paris, Milan or wherever, you’ll find her shopping. The not-to-pretty muthafucka knew the same amount if not more about fashion then his shopaholic boo. IDK if I could trust a man that knew more about fashion than me. Have you seen the movie Legally Blonde? If not pick up, its worth a watch and you’ll definitely get my point.

To sum all of this up, this track is soon to be all label whore’s anthem and will have guys going broke trying to get their hands on everything mentioned in the song. All in all, I like it!! Now that’ve bored you enough my opinion, here’s the video for “Fashion Killa”! Enjoy!

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